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1988  1.10.1988: Wolfgang Petroll establishes implantcast Feinguss GmbH at: Buxtehude Technology Center, Alter Postweg, Buxtehude.  10 staff employees.

1989  Development and sale of BSTR tumour system. Manufacture and sale of dental alloys, production of cast endoprostheses (straight stem).

1990  New Products: Lengthened Long Stem, SI Hip System. Acquisition of the simultaneous managing director, Wilfried Mohr.

1991  Deliberations on the ceramic coated ACCIS® hip system. First internal cooperation with the company Van Straten, Nieuwegein, Netherlands; coating of prosthetic components and instruments, surface treatment of endoprostheses: grinding and polishing.

1992  Development and first implantation of a proximal femur from the MUTARS® tumour system.

1993  Developmentand first implantation of a distal femur from the MUTARS® system, and first implantation of a total femur from the MUTARS® system.

1994  Development and first implantation of a MUTARS® humerus system.

1995  Development and first implantation of a proximal tibia from the MUTARS® system.

1995  Two additional stand alone hip systems: Anatomic C, ic Straight Stem Type I.

1996  1.1.1996: Jens Saß becomes Managing Director of implantcast Feinguss GmbH. Development of the MUTARS® Filia system.

1997  Implantation of MUTARS® RS revision hip system CE certification.

1998  1st October: 10 year company anniversary. 39 staff employees.  New Products: WS System, ic RPC and ic Long Stem system. Number of International Cooperations: 6.

1999  First implantation of a partial pelvic replacement. First CR stem implantation in Munich-Großhadern. October – moved to new site at Lüneburger Schanze 26, Buxtehude. Frictional robot for system modification.  New product: KAI Arthrodesis system.

2000  First operation of LOAD SHIFT® hip system in Hamburg-Barmbek. Implantation of the thousandth MUTARS® prosthesis. First operation of ACCIS® large head system.

2001  New Products: among others, Angle Plate system. Change of name to implantcast GmbH including the establishment of a new corporate identity and new logo, new ic company colours.

2002  August: Inauguration of CNC manufacturing. First implantation of Cepthar® hip system. First PressFit cup system.  First implantation CCI® Knee System.  First implantation of the elbow NESimplavit® system. Beginning of the project MUTARS® and patenting of the silver coating.

2003  Expansion of the CNC manufacturing. New Products: Ceraco hip system, ACS® Knee System. New locking mechanism for MUTARS® PEEK Optima®. Number of international collaborations: 15. OSCAR award for the industrial price of the middle class.

2004  Establishment of new sites implantcast Polska and implantcast Italia. Further development of the manufacturing facility Buxtehude. New Products: Cepthar® SC threaded cup, Dialoc® Hip Stem, EcoFit® hip system. Clinical testing of silver-coated MUTARS® prostheses.  Trademark protection for the alloys implatan® and implavit®.  Award: Transfer Award from the University of Münster for the cooperation between implantcast and the University in the development of antibacterial silver coating.

2005  First operation of ACCIS® resurfacing system. Innovative growth prosthesis MUTARS® Xpand develops new products: WinX® revision hip socket, AJS hip stem, Agilon® shoulder system, PB Uni knee dystem, Metallic® metal on metal pairing, ACS® SC. Minimally invasive surgical techniques in total hip arthroplasty.  Number of International Cooperations: 24. Employees: 103. New Products: MUTARS® Xpand. First operation of the CarpoFit® thumb saddle joint prosthesis.

2006  Implantation of the 4,000th MUTARS® prosthesis. New Products: Taric® ankle system, DiaLoc® screw cup. Further expansion of the Buxtehude site.

2007  Development of new products: Agilon® inverted, Capica®, expansion of revision product range with ACS® SC knee prosthesis and the GenuX® knee system. Co-organizer of the world's largest congress for bone tumours ISOL 2007 in Hamburg. The workforce grows to over 150 employees.

2008  Development of the Aida® hip system and the EcoFit® acetabular system.  Beginning of the 4th construction stage. The assembly plant in Buxtehude is increased by 1.700m2. More than 170 people are currently employed. The number of international cooperations could be increased to 38.  Establishment of the branch implantcast Turkey. The construction phase is due to be completed for the 20-year anniversary of implantcast GmbH on 1 October 2008.

2009  Also in this year the construction is going on. At the end of the 5th stage the manufacturing plan has reached a size of 4.837 square meters. The higher classification of the knee, hip and shoulder implants was a mayor effort during the second half of this year. New cooperations between implantcast and Australia, Newzealand, Brasil and in Asia were founded. The distributing network includes more than 45 countries. By the end of the succesful year 2009 implantcast employes more than 220 people.

2010 During the firt half of year 2010 implantcast lauched sucessfully the new ACS® Fixed Bearing knee components as well as the MUTARS® RS Arthrodesis implant. Actually more than 240 employees are working at the plant in Buxtehude. Due to new partnerships the network of implantcast has reached a size of 56 countries.

2011 Around the new year implantcast GmbH has bought a neighbourhood ground to make sure to have enough capacity and room to expand in the future, too. The 2010 built complex of the implantcast building will be established as the academic training and conference centre.

2012 In october the 2,400 square meter large CNC manufacturing side was opened. The year the international distributor network includes mor than 50 countries. More than 340 people are working at the head quarter in Buxtehude. By the end of 2012 implantcast has established seven international owned marketing offices including the new directories implantcast UK, Greece and Thailand besitzt.

2013 New enhancements and  expansion of the admistration building lead to additional space for the newly established technologieas like additive laser manufacturing and the growing number of employees. The new products EcoFit® 2M total hip system and the MUTARS® RS revision cup system are launched successfully. In the year of the 25th anniversary on october 1st implantcast has more than 390 people employed in Buxtehude.

2014 Since the beginning of the year imlantcast employes more than 400 people in Germany. Also since the first of January a new direct sales office opened in South Africa. The new company is called implantcast South Africa (Pty. Limited). It is founded together with the former south african partner company Werkomed SA.

2015 Currently the distribution network includes more than 64 cooperations worldwide. implantcast products are availbale on all continents. Since July 1st 2015 the subsidiary implantcast suisee located in Basel is founded. On September 10th implantcast France is founded in Lyon. EPORE® augmentation implants for knee and hip are available. At the moment the launch of the new MK generation of the MUTARS® system is organised.

2016 The new  EcoFit® EPORE® acetabular cup system is available since March. The new EPORE® Implantat surface, manufactured by the use of Electron Beam Melting, is found now on the stemless  AGILON® MI shoulder implant, the RECARTIC® knee implant and on the augmentation implants and defect fillers for the reconstruction of hip and knee joint. implantcast employs 487 people in Buxtehude. At the east site a new logistic and production centre of more than 5000 square meters is build, which will be opened by April 2017.




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