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Dear visitors of our website,

As the Managing Director of implantcast GmbH, please allow me to bid you a very warm welcome.  Since the originally named implantcast Feinguss GmbH was founded in 1988, many eventful years have passed.

In the first decade of our existence, we set our sights and efforts on the development and marketing in Europe of MUTARS®, which is today's leading tumour prostheses system.  Slowly but steadily, implantcast's products gained a significant degree of recognition.  As an OEM partner for several major orthopaedic companies, implantcast acted largely behind the scenes.

At the beginning of the second decade, we changed our strategic direction due to numerous mergers in the medical device market, and looking back now we can see that this was a wise decision that has led us to further success.  In recent years, implantcast GmbH has developed more than 60 implant systems and now sells them directly to hospitals.  In Germany this is done by our highly qualified sales representatives, whilst on an international scale we do business largely through independent sales partners.

Here at our site in Buxtehude, we want to expand the production of our high quality products and distribute them worldwide.  That is our philosophy.  Therefore, this year we are expanding our office in Buxtehude to a total size of 4837 square meters.  The growth of production and the establishment of a distribution centre to allow us to export to over 60 countries -these are necessary steps to meet the growing needs of today.  implantcast presents a highly motivated team.  We deliberately manufacture and produce here in our own country - in our view, low-cost production in a low-wage country is not an option.  The growth we have experienced in recent years only confirms our conviction.


Jens Saß

Managing Director and CEO


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