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They say that finding a four-leaf clover is a sign of incredibly good luck. The chance of doing so is less than 1%. implantcast GmbH have used their stylized clover as a way of signifying the joy of recovery; it has been incorporated into the technical design since as early as 1992, in the design of the MUTARS® Tumour System.

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The colour green was chosen to be used in the banner and logo also because of its positive imagery. It symbolises life, new beginnings and growth, as well as willpower, balance, comfort and hope. Next to the colour green is the colour orange, which stands for obtaining and maintaining good health. Complemented by the yellow-orange (Yellow: cheerfulness, joy, fulfilment, enterprise and imagination; Orange: health, optimism, joy, sociability, ambition, activity, confidence and sincerity), the implantcast logo indicates the essential building blocks of the implantcast company philosophy. The white in the background, known for its connotations of virtue and purity, furthermore represents the qualities of neutrality, honesty and reliability, as well as business instinct.

The focus of our company philosophy is the human being, not only in the form of our clients and patients, but also in the form of partners and employees. Quick support without complications, in the recovery of a patient’s quality of life, is our primary objective. As a financially and ideologically independent company, implantcast maintains relations with other independent partners, both at home and abroad. As a modern manufacturer, implantcast continuously considers its actions and optimizes, wherever appropriate, its processes and structures.  Speed and reliability of service, the precision and quality of our products and continuous development are the principles to which implantcast GmbH is fully committed, fully knowing that financial contentment cannot lead to true happiness.


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